Music Show #103 – 6/15/2018 Tribes

A show that focuses on the ever increasing political and religious divides that are being fostered in the world today.

Song #1 “Tribes” – A song that explores the attractions and risks of being part of a tribe.

Song #2 “True Believer” – This song sounds the alarm for us to beware of the “True Believer.”

Song #3 “One Tin Soldier” – (Brian Potter and Dennis Earle Lambert) This song tells the story of a battle in olden times over a buried treasure. … The song’s message is that human greed and violence is futile

Song #4 “Free Us” – A positive song about our quest to be free from the distractions that prevent us from realizing our love and thus from contributing to a universal love that will truly “free us.”

Song #5 “Sunday School” – A song about what was taught in Sunday school and asking if all this talk of love was just meant for Sunday school.

Song #6 “You’ve Made Your Choice” – A simple reminder that if we make choices that end up being a mistakes then we have the responsibility to try to correct those errors.

Song #7 “The Choice is Always Yours” – “Keep your eyes on the road … keep your hope alive … sing your songs where they belong … inside your heart.”

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