Music Show #10 – 8/31/ & 9/2/2016 – Looking for Love.

Music Show #10 at

Song #1 “I Can’t Stop Looking” – We may be easily distracted sometimes, but our search for an authentic love beyond the simply defined ones is our true quest.

Song #2 “Take Me Home” – A song that requests some assistance in getting back to a place where I once understood my love more clearly.

Song #3 “Looking for the Love Within” – My one and only song that I sing a cappella.

Song #4 “I Wish I Could Know” – A simple song that expresses my attempts to come to know my love.

Song #5 “As I Look”– “As I look.  The more I see. That we can come to know our love.”

Song #6 “We’re Looking” – We may distract our lives for a long time with the pursuit of many other things, but in the end we are really trying to come to understand our love. This pursuit may evade us for many years, but for many of us there will be a day when our love taps us on the shoulder and we turn to realize that it is what we have been searching for our whole lives.

Song #7 “Come to Know Your Love” – A song that encouraging us all to put more of our efforts into understanding a greater love.

Song #8 “Let Your Love Be You” – “Let your love be your sunlight. Let your love be your compass. Let your love… let your love be you.”

Song #9 “Have You Ever Woke Up?” – Sometimes, we need to shake ourselves and wake up. It’s a good morning when we wake up to the love that we hold within and let it all come out.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

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