Rochester has been selling off its history to developers and what have we gotten? Our monorail and Santa Claus mountain were taken away from us, and now the mayor wants to sell off the midtown parking garage, our whole community is being sold off to developers.

These elected city officals are not our leaders they were elected to represent us!! People tend to forget this. We need to stand up and have our voices heard. A proposal is coming up to bring our monorail back but we want it to be operational and not a museum piece. The City could put it in the Sibley Building or the new Ferry Terminal Building in Charlotte or the new inner loop project. Heck tell them to build us a new midtown mall!! Wherever it goes we need to bring our Christmas traditions back that were stolen from us.
The GRINCHES need to go!

Please come to the Rochester City Council meetings and stand up for Rochester they are on the third Tuesday every month starting at 630pm. The next one is December 20,2016 and January 17th,2017. You must call by 530pm that day if you want to speak. The number is 428-7421. If you cant make it please write letters to the City Council the address is Rochester City Council 30 Church Street Room 301A Rochester NY 14614.


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