Existing DJ Import Form

Existing DJ Import Form

Welcome to the updated Rochester Free Radio Website! One of the changes we've made is to give you the ability to make a customized online home for your radio show, where you can fill in info about the show, upload photos, and create show blog posts all from one easy-to-use Web interface.

To get started with these and other great features, you'll need a DJ account. Fill out the form below and we'll create your account and associate it with your show so that you can log in and start customizing your show page when your account is approved.

How do you identify yourself on the air? This name will show on the Website instead of your first and last name.
This cannot be changed later.

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

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Add Co-hosts

Tell us about the other people who co-host this show with you and we will e-mail them so they can create their DJ accounts too. Then all of you will be given permissions to update the same show page.
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