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Thank you for making Rochester Free Radio our community’s go-to source for information and entertainment.  We are so proud to bring you such amazing local and nationally syndicated shows.  Here’s is just a few of the things that are happening:

We’re on Instagram!  As with all of our social media, our handle is RocFreeRadio.  Check us out and follow us!

We have new shows!  The Gold Rush with Tom Daniels, Real Talk With Martha Hope, Metal Mountain, That Thing with Rich Appel & Pure Grooves with James Murphy. Plus we have themed music mixes.

Every Thursday is Classic Rock Triple Play Thursday. From 2am-5am and 5pm-7pm we present Deep Cuts, Live Versions and songs you don’t hear on any classic rock station. The first and third cuts are hits or popular LP cuts. The middle cut is ALWAYS a deep cut.

Plus we have NEW additions to our morning “Progressive Talk” line-up coming.

The first of these additions starts Monday May 8th.

Weekdays from 5am to 8am.

And there’s more to come!

Check out ALL of our shows on our Schedule page.

You asked how you can support RFR…
Here it is!  We’ve signed up with Patreon.  You can support Rochester Free Radio every month with 2 lousy dTwo Dollars for RFRollars.  (Insert your Better Off Dead joke here.)  To subscribe to exclusive content and more, go to our page at http://www.patreon.com/rocfreeradio.  Your two bucks will help us with the great shows you’ve been enjoying and enable our volunteers to do even more, such as take your phone calls, live music not in our studio and more!

Two dollars is like parking downtown for 15 minutes.  Sign up today!


Local Musicians:  Get us your music so we can play it!  Drop us an email.

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*106.3 FM in the city of Rochester and some inner-ring suburbs.
*Right here at www.RochesterFreeRadio.com/listen.

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Just For You!

As a thank you for jumping on the Rochester Free Radio bandwagon – we present Mad Lib fun – RFR Style!

Rochester Free Radio Mad Lib


Rochester Free Radio T-shirts… They Gone! You bought ’em.  Congratulations!  We’re working on the next version of our t-shirt so stay tuned.

Caribbean Spotlight

Caribbean Spotlight

Rochester Free Radio is a community, non-commercial radio station run by volunteers to provide locally-focused, locally-created information, conversation and entertainment.  The goal of RFR is to help solidify the Rochester community by enjoying and celebrating our similarities and differences; our strengths and weaknesses; our ideas and curiosities.

Rochester Free Radio, was created by three members of the community, each with varying degrees of experience in broadcast radio and community activism.  Chuck McCoy, Jeff Moulton and Dave Sutliff-Atias recognized the need for opportunities for unheard individuals and groups to be heard by the rest of Rochester.

Rochester Free Radio broadcasts so that everyone in our community has the chance to interact and exchange ideas for the betterment of the entire community; in particular, those who do not presently have a voice in our local mainstream media.


Rochester Free Radio embraces the diversity of our community. Therefore, all shows on Rochester Free Radio are produced independently and things said on individual shows do not reflect the opinion of the Board of RFR, other show hosts, volunteers, or underwriters. Our guidelines for show content are posted here, and are available at our station. If you are offended by anything said on any of our shows, please give us constructive criticism, but we also encourage you to submit a proposal for your own show on RFR.paul