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Vote for your favorite WRFZ show on our special poll! There are just two questions to answer, you don’t have to sign up for anything AND it’s FREE! Just click the link and answer your favorite MUSIC show and your favorite TALK show. You can pick as many as you like.

Check out our 6am kickoff show. A different one each day:

Monday: The Ralph Nader Show
Tuesday: Economic Update
Wednesday: Le Show with Harry Shearer
Thursday: Black Agenda Radio
Friday: Against The Grain

Then listen to a rebroadcast of one of our original shows at 7am:

Monday: Air Wreck Radio (Friday’s Show)
Tuesday: #BeTheChange
Wednesday: Transforming Rochester
Thursday: Air Wreck Radio (Tuesday’s Show)
Friday: Mind Of Magnus

THEN, we have Democracy Now and Thom Hartmann for a great start to your day!

Calling all local artists! We want to play YOUR music on WRFZ. Either on a show or during our mixes. Just send us an email with a bio, MP3’s and show dates. And we’ll play your music. PLUS, you could guest on one of our shows and play LIVE on Rochester Free Radio! Drop us an email.

Every Thursday is Classic Rock Triple Play Thursday. From 2am-5am we present Deep Cuts, Live Versions and songs you don’t hear on any classic rock station. The first and third cuts are hits or popular LP cuts. The middle cut is ALWAYS a deep cut.

Our answer to the “Cold” Soft Rock stations that don’t have a clue what Soft Rock actually is!

We maintain that hard rock like Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, Disco like Stayin’ Alive by The Bee Gees and artists like Avicii and The Black Eyed Peas are NOT soft rock… and we have the antidote.

Every Late Monday/Early Tuesday… Midnight to 5am is our version of a soft rock mix!

Check out ALL of our shows on our Schedule page.

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Rochester Free Radio embraces the diversity of our community. Therefore, all shows on Rochester Free Radio are produced independently and things said on individual shows do not reflect the opinion of the Board of RFR, other show hosts, volunteers, or underwriters. Our guidelines for show content are posted here, and are available at our station. If you are offended by anything said on any of our shows, please give us constructive criticism, but we also encourage you to submit a proposal for your own show on RFR.