Get RFR On The Air

Goal:  $15,000.00                         Total:  $3127.99

To get Rochester Free Radio on the air and have your voice heard, we need your help to get our start-up costs covered.  $15,000 is our goal and with your support, we can make it.  Watch our video below then check out the amazing, one-of-a-kind swag we have for you.  

Your contribution will go to pay for our transmitter, our first-year rent & utility costs, licensing of music to play, studio equipment and more.   Other than a new local, non-profit radio station that allows unheard voices be heard, what do you get when you help get us going?  We're glad you asked.

Rochester Free Radio Great Wall of Swag

Contribute $10 or more and get our exclusive, I Helped Start Rochester Free Radio sticker.  Once the station is up and going we will not be printing these again.  A collector's item.   I want this...    

 RFR Sticker


Contribute $25 or more and get our exclusive sticker, an On Air Shout Out and an invite to our exclusive, Rochester Free Radio Kick-Off Party.  You can decide which RFR volunteer will do your shout out, what will be said and when it will be said.  Or we can just surprise you.  Of course it can't get us in trouble with the FCC or violate our non-profit status. But you still have a lot of wiggle room to promote a cause or let your freak flag fly. I want this...

 1 shout out meme


Contribute $50 or more and get our exclusive I Helped Start Rochester Free Radio T-Shirt & Sticker as well as an invite to our Kick-Off Party.  Just like the sticker, when this crowdfunding effort is done, no more of these shirts will be made.  I want this...  


RFR T-Shirt


Contribute $100 or more and get the T-Shirt & Sticker, an invite to our Kick-Off Party and 10 On Air Shout Outs.  That's right, TEN!  I want this... 

 10 Shout Out Meme




Contribute $250 or more and make Rochester history.  Sure, you'll get the sticker, T-Shirt and 10 On Air Shout Outs along with the invite to our exclusive Kick-Off Party.  But you get to decide what the first song ever played on Rochester Free Radio will be.  It does have to meet FCC standards so no swearing.  It can even be your own band.  Any song you want that will not get our license taken away.  Be the answer to a legendary Rochester trivia question.  Only one person can get this so jump on it!  I want this...

First Song Meme


Rochester Free Radio will be a community, non-commercial radio station run by volunteers to provide locally-focused, locally-created information, conversation and entertainment.  The goal of RFR is to help solidify the Rochester community by enjoying and celebrating our similarities and differences; our strengths and weaknesses; our ideas and curiosities.  

Rochester Free Radio, was created by three members of the community, each with varying degrees of experience in broadcast radio and community activism.  Chuck McCoy, Jeff Moulton and Dave Sutliff-Atias recognized the need for opportunities for unheard individuals and groups to be heard by the rest of Rochester.  

Rochester Free Radio will broadcast so that everyone in our community has the chance to interact and exchange ideas for the betterment of the entire community; in particular, those who do not presently have a voice in our local mainstream media.

NOTE:  We are a different station than WAYO-LP, though we think they're pretty cool, too.

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  • commented 2015-03-27 17:00:52 -0400
    Willbe there tonight
  • commented 2014-10-07 20:32:30 -0400
    Did you guys contact the Creative Wellness Coalition yet about getting some radios done? I can still make the introductions there if you need me to.