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Year after Year shoes don’t just disappear , they appear,on Ontario Beach Park. One might ask who has plunged in these shoes? One Polar Plunger Walter Sanders has been plunging for 16 years for Special Olympics. Walter was dressed as Superman and was the last man plunging. He went underwater twice and made it through the ice covered shoreline to victory. Walter plunges for his daughter who has down syndrome and has been doing it every year in her honor.  When you find a lost shoe on the beach this spring, remember the many people who have plunged in the name of empathy and compassion.

The Lost Shoes




Thank You To All who have donated and participated for the Special Olympics.

Spectra on Roots Roc

Members of Spectra will join me on Roots Roc Saturday  morning, December 17th, about 9 am.

Busy day for the band as they are scheduled to play at Sticky Lips (Henrietta) Saturday night!

The guys blew me away at the jazz festival with their blues-rock set. Two guitars, bass and drums and songs from Clapton, Bonamassa, Raitt, Fleetwood Mac, We will “spin” some of their recorded tunes and talk about their musical favorites and influences.

Spectra Lineup:

Doug Hilsinger Guitar / Vocals
Dave Profeta Guitar / Vocals
Van Sanzotta Drums
Johyn Nau Bass

Amy Hazard Band On Roots Roc!

ahb-roots-roc Amy Hazard with Chuck Boda (guitar) ,Rory Raymond (bass ) looked and sounded great!                          

Yours truly,Paul Clark (one-handed percussion;hey, the other hand was running the controls!) hidden away in the control booth/drum booth.

We did a live radio set and had a ball!  Nothing got broken, nobody got hurt, so they can come back!

Friends of Neil Young


On the morning of Neil Young’s Birthday Bash, these brave souls got up early to visit Roots Roc! Irregular co-host Ken Colombo (Liars Moon), Heidi (Infrared Radiation Orchestra) and Adam Wilcox (Dan Eaton Band)helped organize the event at Lovin’ Cup,and all are scheduled to perform. Proceeds go to Neil’s charity ,The Bridge School.


Amy Hazard Band November 19!

This just in: The Amy Hazard Band to visit Roots Roc Saturday, November 19th!


Vocalist Amy Hazard, with Chuck Boda (guitar), Rory Raymond(bass),and yours truly on percussion and control board!

Call it “Contemporary Folk” or “Folk Rock”, AHB covers Cheryl Wheeler, Patty Larkin, Chris Isaak, Lyle Lovett, Dixie Chicks/Fleetwood Mac, Little Feat,Lucy Kaplansky,Kevin from Ohio and more!

AHB has performed at Tango Cafe, Boulder Coffee, The JCC, Golden Link, Bernunzio’s, Abilene, Barn Fest,car shows and other local venues. Live, the band’s diverse sound is sometimes 4 pc,sometimes 5 piece, with or without percussion. Amy’s wonderful voice backed by electric bass, acoustic and/or electric guitars, a touch of mandolin, a bit of harmonica…the bagpipes would probably blow the roof off the studio, so Chuck will leave them home.

Jerry Falzone to Visit Roots ROC

Jerry Falzone

Jerry Falzone will be my first in-studio guest, hopefully the first in a long line of Rochester musicians to  sit in. Talk & tunes with the Silver Ghost. Songs from his first three CD’s and sneak peek from his upcoming release “Rock and Roll From The Rust Belt “Yeah,THAT’S WHAT WE DO HERE!

Jerry Falzone to Visit Roots ROC


Jerry Falzone      Jerry Falzone joins me Saturday,August 13th. Talk and tunes. Maybe a guitar or to from his collection. Songs from Jerry’s 3 previous CD’s,  and a sneak preview from his upcoming CD “Rock & Roll From The Rust Belt”, Yeah, that’s what we do here! 8 am (more or less) until 10 am. I’ll put the coffee on.

Paul Clark

Local Music Shout Out!

Local musicians; Roots ROC wants YOU!

Singer/songwriters, Rock,Folk Americana, Country, Blues and Soul. Get your music to us!@ Booking in-studio guests;bring your songs, your CD’s, your guitar and your stories.  Bring some donuts,too!
                                                                                                          Paul Clark