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Music Show #20 – 11/9/ & 11/11/2016 – Meditative Love Songs.

In times of great turmoil or sadness it has certainly helped me to take a big breath and then redirect myself into meditative love songs like these.

Song #1 Om Namah Shivaya – A meditative song of love that calls on a powerful healing mantra which is beneficial for many physical and mental ailments.

Song #2 “I Need to Rest My Mind” – A song that reminds us that sometimes we need to take a big breath and rest our minds. If we want to be all that we can be we’ll need to regularly rejuvenate our energies and then get back up on the path to become whom we aspire to be.

Song #3 “Open Up Your Heart” – A “pep” song that encourages us all to simply “open up our hearts and to let some love come in.”

Song #4 “To Aspire is to Arrive” – We’ll be aspiring all of our lives. If we can realize that as long as we keep aspiring to become then in those efforts we are already succeeding.

Song #5 “When?” – With all the turmoil that often confronts a young 19 year old it’s not uncommon for them to ask questions like “When will things ever improve?” This was the third song I ever wrote back in 1971 and it still keeps those days vivid in my mind.

Song #6 “Think Again” – When pessimism overwhelms us and our lives feel worthless, perhaps we should “think again” and decide if this is what we want our lives here to reflect.

Song #7 “Free Us” – A positive song about our quest to be free from the distractions that prevent us from realizing our love and thus from contributing to the larger force that underlies everything.

Song #8 “It’s All Inside of You” – The love we are searching for is in us to begin with. It is still a process to unveil it, but we can be reassured that as we come to know ourselves more clearly some peace will come to us and then naturally will be reflected in our lives.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Music Show #19 – 11/2/ & 11/9/2016 – Election Time Wrap Up.

The end is in sight… Hopefully, just this election season.

Song #1 Mr. Tangerine Man – A parody with Donald Trump as “Mr. Tangerine Man.” Written by Jack Jones, John and Carol Dady  and performed by The Dady Brothers. It humorously explores the offensive life and repulsive comments of the most unqualified person to ever run for the President of the United States.

Song #2 “Have You Heard the Absurd” – A song that asks us all to decide how we will respond to politicians that make demagogic statements.  It’s easy for us to look in hindsight and see some of the bad decisions that were made in the past, but now it’s our time to say if we will support or discourage such behavior from prevailing.

Song #3 “That Joke’s Got to Go” – The exorbitant amount money needed to run for political office has spun out of control and now the unlimited contributions by the oligarchic class can call the shots instead of the people. This song prods us to find some way to end this joke we refer to as democracy.

Song #4 “Super PACs – How Dumb Do You Think We Are ” – The Super PAC sing-a-long song. The Supreme Court is jeopardizing our democracy and it is up to us as citizens to stand up and raise our voices.

Song #5 “Show Us the Money” – If we can know the source of the largest campaign money, i.e. bribes, before election day, then the American people can use that information in making their decisions. We’ve got to demand to know the source of the money that run these anonymous “Super PACs” or bribery machines that are destroying our “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

Song #6 “Shady Cash” – A bouncy upbeat sing-a-long chorus about the influence that dark money plays in our politics. If we don’t put up a fight to control it we will lose our voice in the government.

Song #7 “If There’s a Will, There is a Way” – If we work together we can make things safer for both the citizens and the police. We can sort this issue out. It all depends on if we have the will to do so. We’ve faced harder things in the past so it’s up to us if we want to address this challenge together.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Music Show #16 – 10/26/ & 10/28/2016 – Happy, Joyful Songs.

Let us all try to live and sing with all the love that we hold inside.

Music Show #16 at

Song #1 Don’t You Lose Love – “It’s you lives’ very breath. Without her you know what’s left.”

Song #2 “Can’t Take Today Away From Me” – “Can’t steal the love that’s inside of me…  Can’t hush the song that I hear.”

Song #3 “Life’s an Adventure” – Sometimes we think that the direction that we are headed in will preclude where we will end up. It doesn’t always turn out that way.

Song #4 “What a Day” – A song about one of those days, “when it’s all so pure… it takes you away.”

Song #5 “Oh, What a Joy” – A joyful song that expresses my appreciation for all the good people that surround me.

Song #6 “Enough” – A happy, bouncy song ironically about those days when you feel like you’ve had enough.

Song #7 “Just as Happy as I’ve Ever Been” – One those days when you realize just how happy you are and want to express it in song.

Song #8 “The Happy Re-Birthday Song” – A happy birthday wish for us to take a moment on our special day to reflect on our past year and then to re-empower our most positive energies for the new year ahead.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Music Show #17 – 10/19/ & 10/21/2016 – Remembering.

Encourages us all periodically take a few moments to recall some of our most precious moments.

Song #1 Remember It All – A song that encourages us to remember those moments of self development and to then smile when the memories of love drift by.

Song #2 “Raise Your Glass” – A toast to all of the folks that have helped us become the person that we are.

Song #3 “This Is It” – A happy positive upbeat song that gently reminds us to be aware of our everyday experience and to see the magic that exist there. “This is it – so please don’t miss it.”

Song #4 “Life Goes On” – A song written at four o’clock in the morning about letting some memories recede in their importance and moving on.

Song #5 “The Touch of Fall” – A loving song about being aware of the coming changes and living fully within those changes when they arrive.

Song #6 “Time Goes By” – A good time, friend song.

Song #7 “Remembering You” – Remembering the lives of Jesus, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show


Music Show #18 – 10/12/ & 10/14/2016 – End of Life.

Things to think about as we approach the end of our lives.

Song #1 We Won’t Be Here Forever – A bouncy upbeat song about realizing that to be able to live fully in this very moment is to give the greatest gift that we can to ourselves and to those around us. Tick.

Song #2 “What You See is What You Get” – Or on this radio show it’s what you hear is what you get.

Song #3 “One Last Song” – A song that asks us if we had one last song to sing, what would we choose to sing.

Song #4 “Before You Know It” – Time flies so be sure to let those people that you love know it and it’s better sooner than later.

Song #5 “The Leaf Must Fall” – The leaf must fall to feed the next growth that will rise up.

Song #6 “At the End Day” – What will we say at the end of our time here?

Song #7 “May You Rest in Peace” – A memorial song for someone that has throughout their life shared their love.

Song #8 “Before I Pack My Bags” – A departure song.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Music Show #15 – 10/5/ & 10/7/2016 – Songs of Personal Struggle.

We all confront some challenges in our lives and these songs were written in an attempt to renew a sense of hope during these times of turmoil.

Music Show #15 at

Song #1  Who Would Ever Think? – A few words from the song. “You must keep on trying when the naysayers say ‘Nay.’  You must share your true love before you leave.”

Song #2 “The Road to the Top” – Through our sincere efforts to rise above the negativity that surrounds us we can one day become the love that we have always been in search of.

Song #3 “It’s Been a Long Hard Day” – If you’ve ever had a long hard day, this song might well reflect some of that experience.

Song #4 “Hold On” –  A song about a rough sea voyage that is analogous to times in our lives that are especially hard.

Song #5 “Turn Around” – If at anytime we feel like we’ve lost our way we can always turnaround and choose another road to go down.

Song #6 “I Was Lazy”  – A song that I wrote when I had gotten off track. I was being lazy and I was straying away from the path that I knew I should follow.

Song #7 “O’ That Dark Night” –  A song about one of those depressing dark nights that you think you just can’t survive, but by the end reveals some life sustaining light.

Song #8 “Come On and Sing Again” – A bouncy, uplifting song that reminds us to come back and sing again even when things seem their bleakest.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Music Show #14 – 9/28/ & 9/30/2016 – Everyone has Fresh Toones.

On this week’s show I play some Fresh Toones that encourage others to share their creative endeavors. Whether they’re a part of one’s job or expressed as an interest through one of the arts we all have Fresh Toones to offer up for our fellow travelers.

Music Show #14 at

Song #1 “Will Grow with Love” – The solution does sit quietly within us. If we are able to visualize what is possible then we might very well be able to one day spread our wings and obtain it.

Song #2 “Tell Me Your Story” – Tell us your story so we can learn and evolve from what you have to share. Hopefully, the more information that we have to work with, the more efficient will be our development into the potential beings that we can become.

Song #3 “I Can’t Draw a Circle” – An uplifting, happy song that reminds us that the most important thing is sharing our love and enjoying what we do.

Song #4 “If You Do Not Live It” –  If you do not live what you try to say in your art then it was better left undone. “Don’t feed your paintings ego just feed them on love.”

Song #5 “Blank Pages” – Like a blank canvas set up in front of the artist our lives are blank canvas’ for us to paint on. We are all artist that create our lives.

Song #6 “I’m Only Doing What Keeps Me Doing”  – A happy upbeat song that encourages us all to seek out and then to do the things that lift us higher. If we can keep doing the things that keep us doing our chances of finding some peace are much enhanced.

Song #7 “Dream Out Loud” –  A song about the joy that making our movies, our songs or any art gives us. Our creations are our love made visible. We need to become better dreamers and then builders to construct the world we want to be a part of.

Song #8 “Playing as the Breezes” – “If I could live the way I sing you know everything would be alright.”

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Music Show #13 – 9/21/ & 9/23/2016 – Taking a Critical Look.

Taking a look at things that were done in America’s past that we need to take ownership of and then work towards correcting.

Music Show #13 at

Song #1 “No Excuses” –Let’s stop making excuses and begin to paint America with a kinder face from here on out.

Song #2 “We’re So Civilized” – Often we think that we’re so civilized compared with other parts of the world. Perhaps, we should look more closely at some of our behavior.

Song #3 “Sad Day at Wounded Knee” – The story of the Wounded Knee Massacre and how we need to right this abhorrent wrong.

Song #4 “Give’m What They Want” – Get what you really want and don’t let them feed you with the often needless merchandise that is being pushed on us every day.

Song #5 “I Know Some People” – Sometimes people who once were down to earth lose their authenticity by pursuing endeavors that demand them to be someone other than themselves.

Song #6 “They Have No Home”  – A friend of mine has been working with many of the homeless in Rochester, New York. To be supportive of his and other’s efforts I shared this song to try and bring more attention to their needs.

Song #7 “I Wish I Could Say It” – A son asks his parents why more wasn’t done to try and limit the human behavior that was contributing to the destruction of our planet.

Song #8 “What Is It Worth?” – In the end, how much is it worth if you just end up selling yourself to the highest bidder?

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Music Show #12 – 9/14/ & 9/16/2016 – Staying True to Oneself.

Music Show #12 at

Song #1 “Stay True” – A simple song about staying true to oneself.

Song #2 “You’ll Need Your Love Tomorrow” – A song that reminds us that if our anger should start to consume us we need to do our best to hang onto our love.

Song #3 “Fly Towards Your Purpose” – We each have our purpose here and we need to be careful that at some point we don’t start to “pivot” towards the expectations of others.

Song #4 “Be Yourself”  Nothing more needs to be said.

Song #5 “Play It Pure” – Play it from your heart and less to meet the demands of the audience.

Song #6 “Let Your Love Be You” – “Let your love be your sunlight. Let your love be your compass. Let your love… let your love be you.”

Song #7 “Part of You” – We are part of IT all and all of IT is part of us.

Song #8 “Who You Are” – A fun, upbeat song that encourages us all to realize that if we can sing our songs honestly and live our lives sincerely then our experience here will be much fuller.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Music Show #11 – 9/7/ & 9/9/2016 – Autobiographical songs.

Music Show #11 at

Song #1 “Thirty Long Years and More” – A joyful, happy song about the struggles and rewards of being a songwriter. Always be true to your song and you’ll always be where you belong.

Song #2 “Ridin’ This Train” – My experiences of growing up and living in the USA are re-examined on this surrealistic train trip across the country and through history.

Song #3 “I’m Still Singing” – A celebratory song about the joys of doing what you love to do.

Song #4 “Movin’ Kinda Slow” – Sometimes moving a little slower than the normal pace of most people can actually gets you to the place that you want to be quicker.

Song #5 “Brown Paper Sack” – My very first song.  Written in early 1971.

Song #6 “Just an Underground Hippie” – I’ve never been much interested in groupthink and this was how I navigated the sixties. I never spoke the lingo, never got into drugs, but I could relate to what a lot of folks were searching for and I learned a lot from that time of my life.

Song #7 “I Grew Up in a Regular Family” – At the age of 22 years old I began to reassess what was meant by the “regular” tenets that I was brought up on.

Song #8 “I Still Believe It’s True” – A love song about the lasting believe that our love can continue grow and become clearer with our sincere efforts.

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show

Underwriter of The Fresh Toones Music Show