About Us

Our Mission

Rochester Free Radio, WRFZ-LP is a community radio station located in Rochester, NY. We are a non-profit 501c3 corporation.

Our mission is two part: 1. Provide alternative news, talk and musical programming not normally heard elsewhere on the Rochester radio dial. 2. Allow a large diversity of community voices the opportunity to produce and perform creative radio content. Volunteers are always welcome and are a critical part of keeping our station on the air with original content.

Our programming schedule includes two award winning national programs: Democracy Now with Amy Goodman & Juan Gonzales and the Thom Hartmann morning show. Additionally, we sport a large number of local shows positively affecting our community in a variety of ways. We present an average minimum of 8 hours of locally produced programming per day. In addition to local produced music shows of various genres, we offer locals programs on such diverse subjects as LGBT rights, substance abuse recovery and ethnic programming.

Currently, we are operated by an all volunteer staff. You donation money goes directly towards basic expenses to keep our station operating and also, for technical upgrades. Nobody at Rochester Free Radio draws any salary or compensation of any kind – all money stays in the station.

Our Board of Directors

Chuck Schroeder

Chuck has been a local radio broadcaster for many years. While a veteran of commercial radio, he has also been a strong advocate for nonprofit community broadcasting.  While readily admitting that the successful creation of Rochester Free Radio could not have happened without a strong team effort, he was the original catalyst behind WRFZ, having filed incorporation papers back in 2010.  Chuck resides in the city of Rochester with his wife Cheryl and 4 loyal cats.

Jeff Moulton

Jeff Moulton has more than 40 years broadcast experience in both radio and television, including, in the Rochester market, WBBF, WVOR, WBEE, and WKLX.  Jeff even worked at WRUN in Utica, NY.

Peter Kline

Peter Kline brings a variety of technical and business talents to Rochester Free Radio. A Senior Engineer with years of experience in the Information Technology field, Peter (along with Dave Atias) built a vast majority of the station from microphones to transmitter, and maintains station operations as part of the team along with training and other odd jobs.  He lives in the 19th Ward with his partner, William, and a sassy cat who needs to approve of visitors before they are allowed to relax.

Our Program Director

Michael Fox

Michael has worked in various roles in radio.  He hates to see that radio has gone so far downhill and pledges to make it right, at least through WRFZ.

He makes sure, as best he can, that Rochester Free Radio sounds great and things go smoothly. He created the Triple Play Thursday classic rock mix, the way that type of station should sound, as he also did with the soft rock mix.  He also produces and writes for The Music Expert Retro Countdown.

Michael resides in Irondequoit with his wife Stephanie, son Noel, his 2 dogs Lola and Buster, and cat Molly.